A holistic approach to exercise

A holistic approach to exercise

Exercise should be addressed in a more holistic way, like the way it happened to medicine in our days. There is no use to treat the symptom, without taking into account the reasons that caused it and prevent it from happening in the future. In the scope of the prior thought exercise is a valuable tool. Exercise is a way of life and a complete system that has valuable information for health and a better quality of life, we all desire for ourselves. Everybody wants to feel full of energy and strength, and manage difficulties of life with great ease. Feel relaxed, full of vitality and joy for life. To understand the above thought, think that if you have a better diet, if you sleep longer, smoke less, drink less, and finally if move more, you would feel better; ¨ If you're healthy and honestly answer the question, will undoubtedly agree with the above . This is what exercise provides as a way of life, in whatever form and type of exercise you choose to participate.

This lifestyle is a direct consequence of the exercise, because year in year out everyone finds out that results from exercise are better when you eat better, sleep better, smoke less, drink less and be more relaxed and calm. In short he becomes addicted in a good sense through fitness in a better lifestyle.

Do not panic! You should not face exercise and this way of life as a rigid behaviour of rules, mathematical equations or as an idea of right and wrong, but as rules of a game that says that the acts have consequences. We need flexibility and strength, and to go to the other extreme and become exaggerated with all the principles related to health, will likely have the opposite effect, the stress will kill us. We all have our rhythms, and in this way everybody finds balance.

It is important to realize that even a minimal form of exercise has its effects, which may not be visible at the moment, but will inevitably drive us in the future in a better form of exercise and better results, when are consistent and mature. Even small changes can over time bring noticeable differences. The way we have lived and we are living at the time being, reflects on the face and our bodies at some age.

Never forget that most of us need a certain time period and a gradual process to adapt to a new lifestyle. The caterpillar does not become a butterfly in a day.


Alexandra will lead you in her method which combines Yoga, SUP Yoga, Pilates, Healing Massage and Su Jok.

All have the aim to transform you and change the behavioural paterns into a better life style.

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