Modern methods of exercise

Modern methods of exercise

Current time is rapidly evolving and the adaptation of a system, a method and ourselves, is a very important criterion for the survival and development, in a changing world that constantly reforms. The exercise systems run in the same way. New investigation comes out constantly and old theories collapse under new data. Exercises we have been performing for years, reform, because proved to be harmful for the body.

Exercises with weights have given their place in Aerobics and later aerobics to Pilates and Yoga and numerous other systems in-between including Body Pump and Alexander method. Most of these systems have to give something very important in exercise sector, add their own theory and are irreplaceable. Each has its own offer on the human body and exercises different sectors, on this.

The reappearance of Yoga after 5000 years is the result of the need of human to use his mind besides the body while exercising. Many have been tired of the obsession for perfect abs, and body generally. The perfect body should not be our goal but the result of a consistent exercise. If the goal is only the body then what’s the difference between exercise and slavery. Perhaps then Yoga has a new philosophy on exercise to teach us and give us. A need for better quality of life, based on regular exercise, healthier habits, ecological lifestyles, personal growth and integration.


Alexandra will lead you in her method which combines Yoga, SUP Yoga, Pilates, Healing Massage and Su Jok.

All have the aim to transform you and change the behavioural paterns into a better life style.

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